Why i am unnoticed πŸ˜…

I am an ocean so deep
That I go unnoticed,
People look at the shallow
And think that’s all I will ever be.

My face is my identity
And not the words I speak,
They shut me up
Or don’t hear me shriek.
Because I don’t have a pretty face
To match my pretty mind.
Like a hashtag I am slammed,
Every hour, every time.

I feel scared
And wonder if anyone would love me,
Oh what a shame, people!
The one who believed in magic and fairy-tales
Is now fighting the demonic voices inside her head.

You push me down everytime,
And think I won’t rise up.
You think I am too small for the fight.
I shall never rebel.

Maybe you are stronger physically,
But I am bigger than this body
I am bigger than this soul.
A whole universe inside me,
That you shall never de-code.
I am a starry night full of constellations
Bright and uncountable.
I am a volcano inside,
Waiting to erupt.

My silence isn’t a synonym for my weakness
It is a certificate for my calm.

So next time you scream your judgements again,
Remember you can only be a bully.
You can mess with my head and make me sad
But that shall make me unstoppable.

I will weave my inner strengths so beautifully,
That someday my personality will speak for once and all,

And all those voices slashing my existence
Shall evolve to applaude


Essence of love πŸ’•

LOve πŸ’–

the most beautiful feeling in the world .

But wait are we trying to feel that beautiful feeling or are we just trying to get someone who looks beautiful πŸ˜… . May be thats why people are facing breakups , heart breaks πŸ’” .

You know what love means πŸ’•

loving and accepting completely your partner the way they are . Loving for who they are not loving them for what they have . Maybe this sounds so dramatic but trust me . When you fall completely for the person for who they are . That is love , cause when you fall for their imperfections , scars , insecurities etc. you realise what is love . The true meaning of love . That is when you realise that love is beautiful feeling . Because it makes everything beautiful around you πŸ˜„ . Love comes in all shapes and sizes . This is not just a phrase. its a fact . We realise all these things when we are in are early stage of death . That’s the time when you realise .what’s the real happiness ,what is being loved and its worth .

One day all these things which sounds most dramatic to people out there . Will be a thing to regret to them in there time of death 😰.

So stop expecting and start accepting your partner for the complete individual he or she is😊.πŸ’–

Don’t just survive, Live!πŸ’–

A Letter to all those in their 20’s

Don’t just survive, Live!

Don’t just sustain, Live!

Live not to exist, but to feel Alive!


Live your dreams.

As much as everyone says that it is the time to enjoy your life; it is, in real, time to live through your struggles and live your dreams. It is now the right time to work those extra shifts, and spend the sleepless nights. It is, now, the time to put all that you have into achieving your goals and reaching your dreams. It is now or never!


Live your emotions.

Feel all that you can, and let your emotions live. Don’t carry that fake mask, and don’t think about what other’s think of you. Be open in expressing what you feel, and be open to accepting what others feel. Do not let the practicality of the world get over your emotional nerve. Life is too short to let go of your emotions in the name of maturity.


Live yourself.

This is the time when you should witness adventures, create memories and have the time of your life. Struggles will always follow; just don’t let your struggles stop you from taking to the path of happiness and celebration. Life is a rollercoaster ride, and you will have to celebrate the highs and learn from the lows. Keep going where you want to, and let everything else follow



Live your life.

Enjoy Family, Friends and Love. Don’t remain stuck up with work. Your job won’t pay for your happiness; neither will that designation of yours comfort you. Let not the essence of proximity be lost amidst the pressure of work. Party, Celebrate, Explore, and Live.

With Love,

Someone struggling between Survival and Living!